On 10 August 2020, it will be 300 years since Moss obtained the status of a city . We wish to celebrate this in a proper manner, with festivals, arrangements and other activities for the residents of Moss and visitors to the city.

2020 will be a special year for Moss in a number of ways. In addition to celebrating Moss’ 300-year anniversary, in 2020 Moss and Rygge will merge into one municipality . We will therefore also highlight Rygge’s history, dating back to the Middle Ages and symbolized by Rygge Church, which was built in the 1100s. The overall goal for the year of celebration is to build a common identity and culture and, at the same time, inspire values, based on equality, inclusion, diversity and sustainability, in the new Moss municipality.

A large number of arrangements will take place throughout 2020. Among these, there will be joint celebrations to welcome in the New Year and mark the end of the year and the opening of a new concert hall (Moss kulturhus) in January. In the first week of June, Rygge and Rygge Church will be in the spotlight.

The jubilee’s central week, will be from Saturday, 8 August, to Sunday, 16 August 2020, with a large festival to be held on Saturday, 15th August.

The calendar on the website www.moss2020.no will keep you updated on events as the program schedule falls into place.